Joy Takeuchi (Founder)Arlene Yang (Charter)
Jennifer Solomon (Beta)Sarah Feng (Delta)
Catherine Lee (Delta)Veronica K. Lee (Delta)
Jennifer Tang (Epsilon)Lilibeth P. Lumbreras (Zeta)
new Kathy Lee (Arapeles) Dimalanta (Iota)

Name: Joy Takeuchi (Founder)
Year of Graduation: 1996
Occupation: Graduate student in Physical Therapy

Well, the most important aspect of the sorority that helped me after college was the leadership skills. Before being in the sorority, I never held any leadership positions before. Becoming president was a big thing for me. Back in high school, I was always the follower, never the leader. Things have changed and my experiences as president have helped that change. I'm a little bit of a follower and a leader now. The position gave me a lot of confidence that I needed to run the sorority efficiently and in my personal life. After college, I became involved in a Japanese-American community service group and I used my experiences from the sorority to help me. I was able to run many events and be in charge of different activities and I owe that all to the sorority.

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Name: Jennifer Solomon (Beta)
Year of Graduation: June 1996
Occupation: Graduate student of Ph.D. program in Molecular and Cellular Oncology at George Washington University

KDPhi was a very big part of my college career. I've learned and experienced so much that it would be hard to write in a couple of sentence. I've learned leadership skills that I use to this day. I've learned to be more vocal and articulate. Most importantly, I've learned how to deal with people. I also got my first lab job from another KDPhi (Ellen Wang) and that job made me realize that I wanted to go to grad school and do research. But the most rewarding part of the sorority are the friends that I know I'll have forever. Even though we are all in different places, we manage to keep in touch and get together as mush as possible.

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Name: Sarah Feng (Delta)
Year of Graduation: Dec 1996
Occupation: Service Operations Manager at EncrypTix Inc.

I can't picture my college life without being a KDPhi, really. I don't know what my college life would have be if I didn't pledge KDPhi during my first qtr of freshman yr. My college life was so enriched by being a part of KDPhi. I gained many valuable lifetime friendships with the girls in the sorority. I acquired efficient time management, excellent organizational skills and great communication skills from attending weekly meetings, participating in sorority function planning, setting up and volunteering for community services. Even though I graduated from UCSD many years ago I still keep in touch with the sorority, because I always want to know how flourishing the sorority has grown. Well, I guess I have said enough. I am sure there are many girls in KDPhi feel the same way as I do and I am proud of it.

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Name: Catherine Lee (Delta)
Year of Graduation: 1998
Occupation: Consultant for Honda

Well my experience with KDPhi helped me a lot in the "real" world. The most important thing I learned was how to prioritize my time. That is a skill (it is a skill) which will be an asset in any course you would want to pursue, further studies, career, home, etc. When I was an active (and a pledge) it was very hard for me to fit in studies, outside activities, job and KDPhi; it got to be frustrating at times. It is really hard for some people to realize that they can't do everything. There is always going to be something else that has to be done or should be done. You will go nuts thinking about all the stuff you have to do. There are classes on how to organize your time and fit everything in. Honestly, it is not about trying to do everything; it is about prioritizing the things in your life so that you can accomplish what you most desire. That is what I learned in sorority, I learned to weigh things I had to do by how much I wanted or needed to do them and let the other things not matter so much. This skill has helped me keep my sanity on a number of occasions. Being able to prioritize those things that crop up in your life will help you in every aspect of your daily life. Life is about making decisions and commitments (and decisions about those commitments).

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Name: Arlene Yang (Charter)
Year of Graduation: 1996
Occupation: Biomedical Engineer

I have made friendship that will last my whole life, there's something about going through the hard times and the fun times with wonderful women that creates a bond that you could never imagine. Aside from bring sappy, I have also learned to deal with others in a business like setting, through the meetings and interaction with e-board and it has helped me also with work and interviewing for jobs.

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Name: Jennifer Tang (Epsilon)
Year of Graduation: December 1998
Occupation: Advertising agency Media Planner

It's nearly impossible to succinctly put into words what being a KDPhi means to me, or what the experience has taught me. There's not just ONE thing that I've learned or walked away with-- it's a myriad of things from friendships to personal growth to professional realizations about myself. It's like asking someone: what has made you who you are today? One can't point to just one thing or one experience. What I do know is that joining KDPhi and being a part of such a strong organization and sisterhood has in turn made me into a much more strong and confident individual-- I believe in me and I like me, and ultimately that strong send of self is what leads to success in the real world.

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Name: Veronica K. Lee (Delta)
Year of Graduation: March, 1997
Occupation: Human Resources, San Francisco Symphony

It has definitely helped in my people and communication skills, especially in the field of work I'm in. Really taught me how to approach people, whether you know them or not. Must've been all those crazy exchanges, I suppose...But in HR, I have to constantly deal with all types of personalities and conflicts - which is kind of similar to being in sorority. You listen to people and find resolutions to the problems people have, especially in dealing with both managers and staff. As a department we're really here to support the organization and I've found that many experiences through sorority have paved the way for employee relations and conflict resolution issues here at the Symphony.

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Name: Lilibeth P. Lumbreras (Zeta)
Year of Graduation: 1999
Occupation: Accounting Specialist

KDPhi has definitely made me more confident in my abilities to work in a team, which I think is absolutely essential when you are actually out in the workforce. I feel that I am able to conduct myself in a professional manner. I feel that I am an active listener and participant when it comes to my company and my Financial Reporting team. I think those attributes I learned and fine-tuned as a member of KDPhi.

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Name: Kathy Lee (Arapeles) Dimalanta (Iota #64)
Year of Graduation: 2000
Occupation: Accounts Payable Specialist for the Longshoreman Union

Only by becoming a sorority sister can one woman ever participate in "the ultimate college experience." I didn't realize that there would be such a variety of activities and aspects involved in joining the sorority from social to philanthropic, from academics to leadership, from comradery to competitive. I have such fond memories from my years at UCSD because of joining aKDPhi, such a prestigious organization. I've learned to have confidence in myself, much of which was gained through the support and guidance of my sisters. I took advantage of the leadership opportunities that were made available by holding executive responsibilities. I have no doubt that I acquired many practical skills that have helped me in the "real world" today. It was my position as National Board Treasurer (with over 30 chapters at the time) that has opened the doors for my accounting career. As cliche as it may sound, I wouldn't be the woman I am today if it wasn't for KDPhi. Being a sister of aKDPhi is an achievment that I will always be proud of until the day my grand-daughter becomes a legacy!

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