9.06 - Miss Carolyn Le (AXi)
7.23 - Miss Nicole Diep (AO)
6.21 - Miss Amanda Chakaroe (AP)
6.13 - Miss Cecelia Young (AO)
6.08 - Miss Quy Anh Le (AO)
5.05 - Miss Kristal Yu (AM)
4.19 - Miss Olivia Ting (AO)
3.24 - Miss Crystal Nguyen (AO)


Alice + Olivia
Black Halo
Hudson Jeans
Winter Kate



House Spring 2014

Welcome to the University of California, San Diego's first Asian-interest sorority. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi was first founded at UC Berkeley in 1990. In 1992, it was established at UCSD and since then has spread nationwide with over 48 chapters at different universities. aKDPhi strives to promote sisterhood, scholarhip, leadership and Asian-American awareness in the University and community. Within this website, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a sorority that gives support and encouragement to those we hold dearest to our hearts... our SISTERS.


Spring Quarter 2015

Senior Banquet

s15 banquet

From left to right: Vicky Yi, Carmen Lam, Jessica Trieu, Thuy Vu, Kristal Yu, Olivia Ting, Serena Chau 

Congratulations to our graduating seniors! On May 31st, we had our anual Senior Banquet to celebrate and thank all the work our seniors have put into this house. It has been an exciting year and we are very sad to see you go. Special recognition to our associate, Serena Chau, for winning the Diamond Award! We wish you all good luck for the future! 

National Convention

s15 convention

Our sisters and long time alumni, Jennifer Huie, who attended the national convention in Chicago, Illinois

On May 22nd- 24th, we attended our national convention at Chicago, Illinois! At convention, we welcomed the establishment of our 49th and 50th charter chapters, University of Texas, Arlington and California State University, San Marcos. Pictured above is our banner for our chapter!

Dodging for Nepal

s15 dodging

Our sisters participating in a fundraiser for Nepal

From May 18-21, we participated in a dodgeball tournament to raise funds for the earthquake in Nepal. We teamed up with Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Omicron Pi to make this possible!

Flock Against Cancer

s15 flock
s15 flock

Our first big philanthropic event

From April 28th-30th, we hosted out first big philanthropic event! Its purpose was to network and build bonds between other organizations in Greek Life while also working together to support our philanthropy, AVON's Breast Cancer Crusade! This event lasted 3 day during Week 5 and was filled with many chances to get to know other organizations and truly "flock against cancer"! FIJI, Psi Chi Omega, Pi Alpha Phi, Lambda Theta Pi, Sigma Alpha Mu, and Delta Delta Delta all particiated. The winners were the brothers of Psi Chi Omega! Congratulations and thanks all for participating!

Socal Sisterhood Retreat

s15 retreat

Our sisters who participated in the Self Defense workshop during our annual Socal Sisterhood Retreat

On April 25th, our house attended the Socal Sisterhood Retreat at Alhambra Park. There, we bonded with our sisters from UCI, Cal Poly SLO, and UCSB! We had Subway Sandwiches, learned our stroll, and broke boards during the Self Defense workshop.

Winter Recruitment 2015

w15 rush
w15 rush

"Standing out, but never standing alone."

Add us on facebook for more information on upcoming events!

Fall Quarter 2014

Socal F2k13 sisters at Socal Sisterhood Retreat

We had a successful rush and crossed 6 new wonderful girls into the house.
This quarter, we have accomplished a variety of things as a house including but not limited to: bake sales and service auctions to raise awareness for our philanthropy, increasing the amount of bone marrow donations, participating in Greek Week, bonding with our fellow Socal sisters at Socal Sisterhood Retreat, and becoming more social and involved with the Greek community.
We have even more members on the Multi-cultural Greek Council than ever; with Vicky Yi being the new and enthusiastic MGC president for the incoming term.
We're looking towards another eventful quarter filled with even more sisterhood and friendship.

Sisters wearing pink for October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Fall Recruitment 2014


Check out our "Beyond Wonderland" Fall Recruitment theme for this year under the RUSH tab. We're excited to come back to school with a bang!

Add us on facebook for more information on upcoming events!

June 2014: Senior Banquet & More!

Senior Banquet
On June 8th, 2014, the chapter came together as a whole to celebrate our graduating seniors. Affectionate emotions were bountiful as little sisters wished their big sisters the best of luck on their future endeavors. We know our seniors are going to go far!

The house also had a successful lei fundraiser as well as an active sisterhood event in learning a choreographed dance from UCSD's Ascension.

May 2014: Derby Days & Formals & Mental Health Awareness Month

Derby Days
Exciting news! This year, UCSD alpha Kappa Delta Phi and UCSD Kappa Zeta Phi are collaborating as a team to compete in Derby Days. The team that raises the most money for cancer research and treatment wins! Help eradicate cancer and help us win Derby Days by making a tax-deductible donation towards the Huntsman Cancer Foundation (link below).
According to the American Cancer Society, 1,665,540 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Cancer affects, hurts, and takes away the people that we love: children, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and co-workers. Every year, UCSD Sigma Chi hosts Derby Days, a week-long event that brings the spirit of competition to fundraise for cancer research and treatment. All money raised will go towards the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Help us not only win the Derby Days competition, but also help the Huntsman Cancer Institute decrease this statistic and increase the amount time people world-wide can spend with their loved ones.
The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charity that donates money towards the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). This year, HCI will provide 100,000 highly specialized cancer treatments to people from the Intermountain West, the United States, and beyond. They also offer the only Phase I clinical program (often considered a cancer patient's last and best hope) of any clinical facility located between Denver and San Francisco. HCI is #1 in genetic research worldwide, having found more genetic mutations responsible for heritable cancer than any other site in the world. These advancements mean a better understanding of cancer, which creates better treatment, and that ultimately means being closer to finding a cure to cancer and saving more lives.
Donation link HERE!
Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Formals Spring 2014
AKDPhi's 22nd formal was also a huge success. On April 25th, 2014, the Gamma Chapter officially installed two wonderful classes into the house: Alpha Omicron (Fall'13) and Alpha Pi (Winter '14).
Full house:
House Formals
Alpha Omicron:
AO Formals
Alpha Pi:
Api Formals
Mental Health Awareness Month! MentalMay is Mental Health Awareness Month!
Nationwide, aKDPhis are signing the pledge to increase Mental Health Awareness and decrease associated stigma. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, tens of millions are affected each year, and only a small fraction of those affected seek help. Other studies suggest that Asian-American, Pacific Islander youths have the highest rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide, possibly as a result of generational differences and conflict regarding family values and beliefs, but are less likely to use mental health resources when compared to the general population. As a collegiate organization, we strive to improve mental health awareness in our university, but as an Asian-American interest society, we also aim to bring mental health as a topic of conversation and safeguard mental health in the larger Asian-American community. Join us for our open event May 19th 8:30PM for a stress reducing workshop and to continue this discussion on mental health in a safe space - all are welcome! More details on the event to come!

Mental Health Resources*:
UCSD Counseling and Psychological Services
Local San Diego Mental Health Resources
* These websites are not affiliated with UCSD alpha Kappa Delta Phi.

Congrats to our new class: Alpha Pi!

We are delighted to present you with the newest addition to the house:

Miss Grace Gao
Miss Jing Gao
Miss Erica Trinh
*New Member Educator Andi Ushijima*

Congrats to our new class: Alpha Omicron!

We proudly welcome eight dedicated and extraordinary ladies into our house!

Miss Nicole Diep
Miss Quy-Anh Le
Miss Janet Ng
Miss Crystal Nguyen
Miss Renalyn Quinata
Miss Olivia Ting
Miss Cecilia Young
*New Member Educator Clarice Choi*

9.12 - Fall Recruitment 2013

The time has come again to open our house to a new class of sisters! Check our our Facebook Event Page for our Fall 2013 Recruitment schedule and the Recruitment tab of our website for more details!

Add us on Facebook to get recruitment updates!

Congratulations to our newest class, Alpha Xi

We proudly welcome nine strong beautiful ladies into our house

Miss Bo Kim
Miss Elise Kim
Miss Eunice Kim
Miss Carmen Lam
Miss Carolyn Le
Miss Diana Le
Miss Liliann Le
Miss Sandra Valencia
Miss Vicki Yi
*New Member Educator Grace Hwang*

08.15 - Fall Rush 2012

Add us on facebook for more information on upcoming events!

Get a sneak peek of our Fall 2k12 National Recruitment Promo Video under our RECRUITMENT tab and check back for more updates!

Email the Webmistress for any comments, questions, or just to say hi :)

06.07 - Congratulations to our 2012 Graduating Sisters!


Congratulations seniors! We wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors! Thank you for all your service to the house! You will be missed!

"All our dreams can come true.. if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

04.15 - Congratulations to our newest members: Alpha Lambda, Alpha Mu, and Alpha Nu Class

20th Annev

Special thank you to all the alumni and our brother/sister orgs for always coming out to support the house!
Congratulations to Tiffany Wu and Natalie Sankhavasi as recipients of the Diamond Award!

Thank you for all the support during our 20 strong years of sisterhood! Looking forward to the upcoming years of love and friendship

04.14 - aKDPhi Formals presents its newest members of Alpha Lambda, Alpha Mu, and Alpha Nu Class

Come celebrate Gamma Chapter's formal installations and 20th year anniversary with us this SATURDAY, APRIL 14th, 2012! We would love to see you all there!

When: April 14th, 2012 @ 9:30 PM
Where: The Dana on Mission Bay Hotel 1710 West Mission Bay Drive San Diego, CA 92109

Doors will open at 9:15PM!

Miss Jennifer Chung
Miss Fang-Fang Fei
Miss Ashley Hahn
Miss Mabel Hsu
Miss Connie Kim
Miss Nayoun Kim
Miss Samantha Jumamil
Miss Isabelle Su
Miss Lili Yip
Miss Diana Zhan
*New Member Educator Miss Linh Tran*

Miss Serena Chau
Miss Clarice Choi
Miss Wileen Chu
Miss Kerry Hou
Miss Dorothy Huang
Miss Kaylee Miu
Miss Jacqueline Pak
Miss Katherine Shi
Miss Betty Tong
Miss Jennifer Vu
Miss Thuy Vu
Miss Kristal Yu
*New Member Educator Miss Natalie Sankhavasi*

Miss Lydia Hu
Miss Tiffany Le
Miss Jessica Trieu
Miss Andi Ushijima
*New Member Educator Miss Monika Chhorng*

QUESTIONS? Don't hesitate to call!
President: Trina Lee 408.857.0490
VP External: Jennifer Chung 213.999.0367
VP Internal: Mabel Hsu 408.892.8172

04.13 - 04.15 - aKDPhi Gamma Chapter's 20th Anniversary - Alumni Weekend

Come celebrate twenty strong years of sisterhood with us! For more information please feel free to email us!

01.15 - Winter 2012 Recruitment Week

Check out our recruitment flyers or our web page for more information about our events. There is absolute no obligation to come out to have fun and all events are free. As a special bonus, there will be food and refreshments every night so don't miss out!

Email Us